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Producer. Writer. Creator.



Jamila Jordan has over 12 years of experience in the television and film industry.  She has produced shows for a number of different networks including NBC, Spike TV, OWN, HGTV, GSN and FOX.  Jamila loves to craft and narrate stories for worldwide platforms. Her true passion is creating, writing and producing.

The Newark NJ native was fortunate enough to have been exposed to the arts at a young age. The Jordan kids were child actors, so she found herself on set all the time.  She decided to throw herself into this world and learn as much as she could. She graduated from a performing arts high school and continued to practice her craft at Temple University. From here, she dedicated countless hours to working in production, gaining experience with talk shows, makeover shows, competition series, and development.

Jamila Jordan is currently a freelance producer by day, and a growing creative writer by night.  She loves to indulge in science fiction and thriller series during her downtime. She resides in Los Angeles, California and her favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.